Stitch N’ Pitch July 19, 2016

Tuesday, July 19 – 7:10 p.m.

White Sox vs. Mariners

The Seattle Mariners and Jorstad Creek Yarns welcomes you to the 12th Annual Stitch and Pitch Night at Safeco Field! Bring your knitting, stitching, quilting or other fiber arts projects to the game, get help from the experts, view the latest samples from area shops and meet other enthusiasts all while enjoying Mariners Baseball. Stitch N’ Pitch info.

We will be bringing Mariners colored yarns as well as our light weight summer yarns. Many of our yarn/pattern kits and new patterns by BK Collective will be available.

Purchase your discounted tickets at our shop during our open hours or online at Stitch N’ Pitch tickets.

Hope to see you there!


June Calendar of Events

Here is our revised events calendar. If you received an e-mail from us please note the change in date on the second and third Tuesdays, we had a mix-up. Fiber Fun Group is this Tuesday 6/14 and New Knitters Group is Tuesday 6/21! So sorry about that.Capture 2

Contact Us


Location: 414 1/2 Legion Way SE Olympia, WA

Hours: Friday & Saturday 11am-6pm

Phone: 360-451-4146



Instagram: @jorstadcreek

Twitter: @jorstad_creek



Yarn Travelers: subscription yarn club


Yarn Travelers – A subscription yarn club for the adventurous knitter or crocheter. We partnered with Yorkshire Yarns, BK Collective, and Island Style Crochet to bring you an amazing journey in fiber and colors all wrapped up in a one or three-delivery subscription.


  • Subscribe in person or on-line at for the June delivery. 
  • Every other month receive a mystery project and a clue about the next project shipment! 
  • Projects include yarn and project materials like beads or ribbon that you will need for the project. 
  • Receive a code to download a crochet and/or knit pattern from the participating designers; choose the one you want to make. 
  • Projects will invoke a character, place, or time in history that will capture your imagination! 
  • Skill level for the intermediate needle crafter. 
  • Subscribe anytime, the deadline is the 10th of the month prior to delivery!

Cost: One delivery: $36 or Three deliveries: $96 ($12 Savings)

Click the link to purchase a subscription on

Join the conversation on the Yorkshire Yarns Ravelry group:

June Delivery Clue

The Dowager Duchess felt an on-set of nerves. This was most unusual, as she was known to be a woman of substance, of gentility, and above all, presence of mind. Here she was, settled in the plush carriage of first class accommodations waiting for the train to depart the station towards London.

Around her shoulders and covering the bodice of her wool traveling dress was a shawl made of the finest wool her estate could offer, spun and knitted by the local women in the village. Her feet were warm in the January cold as they were safely enveloped in knit hose made by her personal maid. On her wrist, over finely sewed gloves, she carried her reticule stocked with a stout bottle of smelling salts. Not for fainting spells, though she thought she just might need them with these nerves.

“Margaret,” she said to herself, “it has been too long since you’ve traveled from home.” It would be her first London Season in years. She would attend the winter circuit of parties, feats, and balls indulged in by the nobility of the British Empire. She took a deep breath, clutching the bag of smelling salts for reassurance, knowing that swung just right the heavy bottle would leave a respectable bruise on anyone who dared to accost her during the journey. Her mouth twitched a little at the image.

If she was honest with herself she would admit she was also clutching the reticule because of a treasure it contained, a memento.  A small silver box contained a lock of hair from the man who nearly swept her away from the Duke that long-ago night at the ball. “He had thick, wavy hair, as black as a raven, but soft to the touch,” she reminisced. He would be there in London knowing she was widowed. He would see her across the room at a ball or musicale. Their eyes would meet and they would know in an instant. The passage of time would mean nothing. Her hands shook slightly and she sighed heavily, startling her maid who sat across from her. She willed herself to be calm but the thought would not leave her.

Store Location

Hello Everyone,

Come visit Jorstad Creek at our Dye Studio. We are showing off our beautiful hand dyed yarns and local fibers in our store. You can come see how the yarn is made and dyed as well. We would love to see you here!

Located At:

414 1/2 Legion Way SE Olympia, WA

Behind the Fish Tale BrewPub

Open: Friday & Saturdays 11am- 6pm


Studio Map

Overdye Saturday

Every first Saturday of the month we are upcycling your stash. Bring in your wool or wool blend yarn and we will over dye it for you into a yarn you will love! We are also accepting donations for the Purple Hat Project.


Dye Studio Chronicles

 Hello from my new studio in Olympia, Washington! Located at:414 1/2 Legion Way SE Olympia, WA. Open house was great, so many friends and family came by and I was finally able to show them this crazy fiber-love thing I do. Not that it convinced them of my sanity, but at least now they have a visual.

 I’m also pleased to say that knitters are finding me in this little out of the way place in downtown Olympia, and seem to like the space. I am able to showcase the local wool and shine a spotlight on the beautiful yarns created from local fiber. The local movement is strong here in my community, and I am encouraged that Jorstad Creek will be able to continue to support the local farms we partner with as we keep growing the market for locally produced yarn.

With the imported hand-dyed yarn line I am both happy and chagrined to see sources of British Blue-faced Leicester yarns sell out as fast as they can be produced. I found some very special BFL yarns I’ve been dyeing for a number of years, and now others have also found them – poof! They are gone from the supplier. I am encouraged that British BFL is making a comeback, and hope to see the resurgence of this amazing breed of sheep continue and be sustainable.  Because of the success and limited supply I will have to move on to discover new and equally amazing yarns that knitters will appreciate. And I will cast around for locally grown BFL, as I recall there is a small grower in southwest Washington that sells wool from their flock!

It has been a slow summer for the yarn stores I partner with, even though we’ve collaborated on trunk shows and other events to keep up the excitement around handdyed yarns and summer projects. This is part of the cycle for this craft, compounded by extreme summer heat in the northwest. We put together small projects in kits and focused on color as well as yarn blends with silk.  Next year I hope to bring to the yarn collection organic cotton. I am careful to look for fibers that do not require toxic chemicals to make, and come from sustainable sources. Part of the fun is experimenting with prospective yarns and really looking at quality as well as source.

With the new expanded space for the dye studio I will begin working on Fall/Winter seasonal colors. I’ve already discovered an amazing seasonal blue that pairs with a gold-toned brown and “marsala,” the Pantone color of the year. And I now have the time and equipment to be able to produce hand-painted yarn again! I’ve been photographing inspirational color combinations in preparation for being able to do this technique. I am also planning to make a foray into painting roving for spinners. I hope to post next time more about colors, and include photos.

  I will be setting up a schedule for Fall for a monthly spin-in and a monthly knit-in. The interaction with my fellow fiber artists is what so often provides the inspiration and the energy to try new things. The feedback loop is an essential part of what I need to keep inspired, so I look forward to the cooler weather as a time for coming together again, old friends and new. If you are interested in attending one of these groups please send me your email address and I will add you to the notification list – you will get an email with the schedule and occasional updates. Until next time, keep knitting! Kerry

July Trunk Show at Maker’s Mercantile

tiled cat blue greenHello from the hottest July in Washington State that I can recall in all my years living here! It is perhaps not the best month for knitting with the wool fibers I love, but I persist! Fall is coming, and I am preparing to show you all the projects I’ve been working on in Jorstad Creek yarns, including another foray into a fair-isle design. Before we get to Fall there is a world of wonderful silk blends and light, fingering weight projects and patterns to delight in, and that is what is going to be shown at Maker’s Mercantile on Saturday, July 18, 2015.

Maker’s Mercantile is a craft store in Renton that features both the full line of Skacel needles and yarns (courtesy of Karin Skacel, owner), and a collection of local yarns from growers and hand dyers. This is a friendly welcoming store with a gluten-free bakery at the back, an amazing wall of buttons, felting supplies, fabric, and ribbons, and a spacious knitting lounge. It is certainly a destination to put on your list if you are near the Seattle area. I can tell you from experience that the baked goods do not taste like gluten-free fare, they are amazing! And I appreciate the opportunity for local and artisan crafted products to have a showcase, too.

Maker’s is displaying some of the light, summer yarns in the Jorstad Creek repertoire, including St. Clement, a 50% Merino/50% Silk blend, Cornwall, a Blue-Faced Leicester/Silk blend with a touch of cashmere, Isle of Skye, a dreamy kid Mohair/Silk blend, and Iona, a Merino/Silk blend.  We’ve come up with some one skein projects that will entice you to take up your needles even in this hot weather, and the luxury fibers in fingering or lace weights help keep your work from making you too warm! For those persistent types like me that don’t mind a larger project even when the heat is unbearable, there are a couple of more ambitious projects too.

I’ll be appearing on trunk show day at Maker’s with at least one of the designers from BK Collective patterns to show off the samples, talk about new ideas in the pipeline, and get your feedback about color for Fall. I will be working on color development as the summer wanes, so I am looking forward to chatting with knitters for opinions about the Pantone colors, and what you like to see in Fall collections. This kind of collaboration is invaluable to me, it keeps me from getting trapped in my own little color bubble.

I’ll also be talking about alpaca/silk and alpaca/merino/silk blend made with local alpaca from a northwest mill, a new experiment for me in seeking to source more of the yarns and more of the manufacturing, close to home. I learned so much in this endeavor, and I am humbled by once again realizing there is much I do not know about the world of fiber. That is what continues to fascinate!

I will also talk about the new Jorstad Creek Dye Studio opening July 24 and 25 at 414 1/2 Legion Way in Olympia, Washington.  The dye studio is a dream of mine to take the process out of my home and into a larger location where people can come for a tour, hang out in the knitting lounge and chat with me, try the yarns at a yarn-tasting table, or purchase a sample pack of yarns to try at home. I hope this new space will be as friendly and inviting as the many local stores that I love to frequent, my local Canvas Works also in Olympia, Yorkshire Yarns in Tacoma (adore my friends there!), and Bazaar Girls in Port Townsend, a home away from home. The new dye studio is not meant to replace any of these stores, as the focus is on the dye process, interacting with other knitter’s about color and fiber, exchanging ideas (I hope to host a spinning group there!), and showcasing the locally made yarns that come from northwest fiber.

Summer can be hard for yarn stores to keep going, so I hope you will take time to visit, encourage these entrepreneurs, and pick up your knitting supplies. Yorkshire, Maker’s, and Bazaar Girls all have a quantity of select Jorstad Creek yarns in stock. Bazaar Girls have a supply of locally grown yarn made from Finn sheep, the 100% Finn (Finnlanka) and the Finn/Alpaca blend (Finnpaca), in natural colors, in addition to the hand-dyed artisan yarns.

When I post again I hope to share with you a discovery in American made needles, and talk more about the dye studio endeavor as well as share some photos of the new space. Check back soon! Kerry

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